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What is Pay Per Click (PPC)?

pay per click
Written by Sumit Kumar

Pay Per Click or PPC is a known method of Search Engine Marketing or SEM. This is mainly based on ad bidding space on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing or any other search engine. With PPC come great benefits like here you bid on keywords on the ads section that appears on the top of Google if your bid is higher than others. And thanks to PPC even the new launches can get traffic on their sites and great sales can be made even at the first day of launches otherwise several months were the time for organic keywords on Google for new sites.

Also with the technology happening now, anyone can do PPC management with ease than handling any other online marketing. It is a boon for new businesses looking to grand and brand themselves and make splashes of profits from its born day. Moreover it is a better way to supplement SEO strategy. And you can always increase your conversation rates by visitors only that even don’t make a single purchase.

This PPC also comes with a guaranteed first page opening depending on its budget for continues search engine exposure. Also it provides speed and flexibility and is considered as an easy one among tools available for advertising. The advertisement should be on terms that describe your product and contain its details like name, codes and information about it that can be preferably asked and answered by your services. So once a query arrives that is related to your word, the search engine runs the action and ad position is decided. PPC offers a direct response which helps the online business to grow and nurture. It also posses flexibility in niche terms that provide bargains and lowers competitions. So PPC offers you much and can make you a hero start from day one.

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