The Healing Soul

the healing soul
Written by Karishma Sethi
Yo u are afraid, afraid that somebody will look deep down your eyes and would know your stories, somebody will be able to see the smallest of scar tracing your body and carve them to life, to know what happened, they ll watch u close enough to intimidate u and know where it went wrong, with the raised eye then they ll trace the pattern of your eye and the tear will roll down amidst the lifeless cheek, sending chills down the spine and they ll be able to know the lies.

you are afraid that they might hurt you, n they will read you and incarnate you to light, you are afraid because you have never been loved in a way subtle than this.

The pattern on your fingers that you never loved is intricate to them, the scar near your eye, they wont rush things. for them clutching you and knowing your story is more important, they ll take things slow, trace every fabric from your skin without the iota of vulgarity, you’ll feel safe, you’ll be ready to fall! because you my dear are scared and oblivious to the scars, you are scared of the goosebumps it gives you because you never decided to love itself in the first place…

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Karishma Sethi

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