The Famous Indian Street Foods

The Famous Street Foods in India
Written by Sumit Kumar
None can make better chowmein than the corner Chinese shop there and the pani-puri of the Gupta gol-gappa house is the best, you also get a dry stuffed gol-gappa at last with like 5 tastes of water from sweet to garlic to lime to spicy. Well if you are really hungry try the vada-pav house of Ramji chawkand don’t miss the chola-puri of navrang shop, its heaven. If all done then still I presume that you can have the famous faluda from the baarf or a special pan from the bihari store where there are over 50 types of pans the chaurasias make.

To be honest nothing matches the taste of the street food that depicts the heritage and mix and match cultures of our states. From traditional to exported now street food are like favorite stop for any get together, small celebrations and even the late night hungers when you are alone. With the country like ours, where we have maximum youths be aware you are going to find the best taste among the streets as not everyone goes to a hotel for small hunger crumbles and not everyone like the standards when tongue is involved.

And when you are served special Lucknow kebabs on one side, Mumbai’s vada-pav on another with puchkas of Kolkata and Chinese thang’s special embarked on all directions, it is known that such diversity cannot be anywhere else than the special beloved street food. It is like heaven for foodies and dying wish of life for another person who would like to enjoy low budget road trip with gang of friends. Not only it is budget friendly but also now with keen customers it is safe and totally healthy. Although you have to bargain a little over quality but believe me, when you get served, to eat more and more is only what you wish for.

Mostly now places are famous from the street food they serve and as said, these actually give you the feel of a diversity foodie at one place altogether. But going through its pros and cons, cleanliness is a point where you have to cooperate. As mostly these food hubs are overcrowded, utensils are not shiny clean and they are hurriedly transferred from soap tubs to water tubs so be aware and demand clean utensils as an aware customer. Also never think twice to bargain the prices. If you have a big gang, you have all the valid reason to ask the vendors to give you a discount which they will happily offer you, all you have to do is offer him a piece of cake, rather than putting it on your face. Always, like it is must to carry a water bottle of your own. Beware food can hurt but water if not hygienic can actually harm you. So make it easy, take a bottle won’t be that heavy.

Rest is cool, have all you can from samosa to kachoris, dosa to different flavors of chauskis, biryani to all kinds of parathas and ragda patties to stuffed buns.

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