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Written by Sumit Kumar

Information technology is itself a separate world whose size, use, attributes, characteristics and usage are countless. Without the information technological world, today the automated systems, ease of work and reduction of load can’t be measures. The basic backbone of the any management system is based on the application aspects of information technology. The domain of Information Technological World is so vast that it cannot be expressed in words. With this you may have got an idea about the hypothetical hands of IT in any field. So basically what is this Information technology? How it came into existence?

Today IT world is serving as immensely powerful tools (machine automated development) for the ease of management and human resource in each and every field of science development, healthcare development, commerce, e-Commerce, industrial development and much more beyond expectation. This whole system of technological aspects has shifted the industrial and manual age (era) to information age. Computers machine are serving as the center of informational technology where the whole process is structured into processing, transmitting, storing and obtaining desired results. The Information technology world deals with the ways computer and communication networking technology are combined, in short the application and procedural aspects of computer and communication cables derives the “Information Technology World”.

Information Technology, a tool of modern development:

You must be aware that Information Technology world has brought a revolutionary change in the world which has greatly affected the social and modern, and moral development.

  • Globalization: With the Information technology, IT has exponentially affected the globalization rate and made it possible to connect the whole world with one another. Information is now being exchanged, spread across the entire world irrespective of the barriers, boundaries and geographical aspects and thus increasing the trading and finally the globalization.
  • Jobs: The information technology world is advancing month by month, day by day, and even second by second thus as the technology keeps advancing more and more jobs are being created with the fast growing industry. People are now happy with the white collar respectable jobs and contribute to strengthen the economy of the country.

Information Technology World in the World Wide Web:

The domain of IT world has been able to weave the unbreakable web and has been connecting the entire world with the speaking voices of people through internet. The World Wide Web today exists with the ever largest database ever known to human.

  • Banking and Financing: Everyone enjoys sitting at home and making transaction without even going to the bank. These all are as a result of Information Technology application development. This has not only made things easier and controllable but also helped the management.
  • Speed and Accuracy: The IT is evolved in every aspect of individual, business, services and government organizations thus embellishing the fast flexible and scalable control over speed and much better accuracy than the manual working.
  • Education and Health: Education system has drastically changed with the involvement of IT infrastructure; students have easy access to e-learning resources with the concept of virtual classrooms. Even the health sector has improved with the assured quality, safety and efficiency for basic help and improvement in records, care technologies and telemedicine.

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