Healthiest Food You Should Eat Everyday

healthy food
Written by Sumit Kumar
Thinking of banning some staples off your diet. Then here are some healthy food you should eat everyday to remain fit and healthy.

Eating less or skipping on your meals won’t take you anywhere. Thinking of what to eat and what not to eat can keep you back in many ways. Living up with such a mindset would not be helpful. So instead of blacklisting staples from your diet, include some healthy stuff to your meals.

So coming at the very start of your day, one must start with detox drink in order for a healthy start to the day. What actually is a detox drink..?


green tea

Starting your day with detox drink empty stomach is actually giving your day a healthy start. Keep some water in a jar with some mint leaves, lemon and some cucumber and leave it overnight. Drink one to two glass of the same, empty stomach every morning for proper digestion.



Eating oats, poha, daliya, or eggs in breakfast makes you feel light as breakfast should always be light. You can eat brown bread or eggs for the best. And accompanying it with green tea after meal is a plus.



Lunch is the main meal of the day. So eat well and healthy. Brown rice with some pulses, vegetables and salad. Use Olive oil for cooking for non fat diet. With a pinch of salt and black pepper, green veggies make a good salad.



Snacks are refreshing so make them worth drinking at the moment of the day when refreshment is a much needed break. Fruits are refreshing and healthy so drinking fruit shakes keeps you refreshed and healthy.



Dinner should be a heavy one. One chapatti with some veggies and salad. But not forgetting the proteins which you get from chicken breast (roasted). Some roasted chicken breast with spices are going to light up your dinner.

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