Get That Foodgasm With DELHI’S Top 10

Foodgasm With DELHI’S Top 10
Written by Sumit Kumar
Places are known by its people but Delhi is known for its street. Be it food or shopping, streets are just the deals you don’t want to miss. Talking about Delhi although its sacred historical scenes mesmerize you but with the mouthlicious company of its fancy street food that has all its taste rolled up you can hear the real Delhi’s heartbeat. Congested lanes, tasty delights, lively evening with different thelas lined up all you serve and make your majesty all happy to go.

Mostly these thelas can be seen everywhere but the shopping hype places have the best. Be it any south Delhi’s part, Lajpat Nagar, Neb Sarai, Greater Kailasha or the famous Sarojini Nagar, you can find yummy and hot servings of Momos, Chaat Paapri, Chowmein and Eggroll are like finger licking delicious and best part all time available.

  • The first one is hand in hand sold Egg boils with sprinkled spices and chilles along with coriander leaves, onion are sure to take you by your tongues.
  • The next is all time everyone’s favorite gol Gappas or Pani Puri are going to make satisfy your soul by its different Pani’s like sweet, tango, spicy or garlic flavors.
  • The gobi matar or the cauliflower and peas flavored paratha’s will make your stomach ask for more along with like more than flavors of parathas you can ever imagine in the world famous “Parathe Wali Gali”. These small thelas are the main culinary delights that fill you up full without losing much with your wallets.
  • The fourth in our top 10 Delhi foods is the famous fruit chaat and aloo kulla. This is the dish made out of boiled potato with fillings of chickpeas and different chatnis, garnished with spices and curd. This is something you can never fill your taste buds with no matter how much you eat.
  • The fifth in our list is surely the munchy-munchy pakodas or fritters. These fried snacks are like never to be missed in Delhi. Made with bread, paneer, or different dals these pakodas are hot in temperature and served with chutney’s these just don’t have any match.
  • Then next is the stuffed kulchas. These are the made of all purpose flour and stuffed with different ingredients depending on flavors and served with hot steaming cholas. Less weight on your pocket and still the best foodgasim you get.
  • The seventh is coolest of all, the paans. Yes not only Banarasi’s paan is good, once you have it here in flavors like chocolate, cola, rum, sweet and standard you will realize how tongue satisfying it is.
  • The not to miss in Delhi is the sea food and the Hydrabadi Biryani and Moradabadi Biryani served at Dilli Haat. Just as you want and totally pocket friendly, the only thing you’ll miss is the sea view. Also taste of everywhere can be easily found here, all you have to do is order.
  • The ninth in our list is the mouth watering non vegetarian food served. Rolls, rotis, kebabs and what not, served hot as steam and amazingly tasty, this is like worth every bite and more than the money you spend.
  • The last one is the samosa that joins all India, just perfect to satisfy your rolling stomach and no offence to your pocket.

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