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11 Funny Names of Indian Railways Stations

Written by Sumit Kumar
Train is one of the best ways to explore our country India. Indian Railways is the largest railway network in all over Asia and the world’s second largest network operated under a single management. It has 115,000 km of track length. Checkout these 11 names of Indian railway stations, that will make you laughter.

1. Chinchpokli, Mumbai


2. Diwana, Haryana


3. Kala Bakra, Punjab

kala bakra

4. Pathsala, Assam


5. Bhainsa, Uttar Pradesh

bhainsa station

6. Billi Junction, Uttar Pradesh

billi junction

7. Chhata, Uttar Pradesh

chata station

8. Chikni Road, Maharashtra

chikni road station

9. Rani, Rajasthan

rani station

10. Sali, Rajasthan

sali station

11. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta, Andhra Pradesh

venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta station

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