Street Foods of Mumbai, Maharashtra

Foods in Mumbai
Written by Sumit Kumar

Are you passionate about various food and cuisines? Want to have a taste of local street food by master of master chef? Someone has truly said that, “there is no sincere, passionate and loyal lover who possesses the love for various tastes, foods and cuisines”. India is well known for street foods and various cuisines. Especially Bumbai, or Mumbai is a good hub and displays a diverse variety of street foods for food lovers with varieties of mouth watering food items like vada pav, butter chicken, kathi roll, keema pav, potato, bhaji, sandwiches, dosas, pani puri, etc. These food items has really made Mumbai a foodie hub and people really love the tasting various items that are rare to find elsewhere. The addition of lather of flavors, texture adds on, pleasing smell and colors really attracts your mind with no hard cost.

The most loving and famous foods of Mumbai are served right at the streets. Ranging from the multiple pavs like bada pav, keema pav, aloo tikki pav, potatoes and Bhajis one may never stop eating once began. Other street tastes like the dosa, masala dosa, chili potatoes, Dahi puri, chana chats, fruit chats, etc are highly demanded by people especially during the evening hours.

These are the following famous foods of Mumbai:-

Keema Pav

famouse foods in mumbai

Keema Pav is one of the delicious foods items that with serve your tongue with intense pleasurable taste. Served at anytime breakfast or tea time, keema pav is never missed by Mumbai’s street food lovers.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji in mumbai

The pav bhaji is among the best loving taste that attracts people by just the smell and mouth watering look. The pav bhajis is so tasty that people end up licking their fingers and demanding more.

Vada Pav

vada pav in mumbai

Mumbai is very famous for Vada pav. People just can avoid anything when it comes to vada pav. The spicy ingredients when placed and enjoyed in the Pav with chatney and ketchup makes it taste like heaven in the mouth. It’s often called the poor man’s burger as it is very cheap and is available at almost every street, corner and turn.

Pani Puri

paani puri in mumabi

Pani puri, again among the most liked street food in the market. The crisp fried sphere when filled with potatoes, onion lentils and then filled with various types of liquid blend like chilly, sweet, sweet and sour makes a burst of delicious flavors when you chew and thus making it another fast food often loved by people.

Chilly Tikka

tikka in mumbai

None of the mumbians could survive without chilla tikka. No matter about the meal and time, this food stays in the fast food menu even after the mid night. The alluring and mouth watering meaty charcoaled and saucy lathered appearance makes a welcoming mood for the food lovers.

Bhel Puri

bhel puri in mumbai

Have visited Mumbai and not tasted the famous bhel puri? Bhel puri is among the most common snacks in the street fast food. The crunchy puffed rice, sweet and sour mixture of tamarind chutney makes it to be sold often as a taste changer. Comes in very cheap price and flexible with time and hunger. Can be served anywhere anytime to enhance the mood and have a change of taste.


kebab in mumbai

Kebab lays an upper hand position for non-vegetarian food lovers in Mumbai. It is made up of either fish or meat that is grilled with skewer. Kebab is the also among the most often liked dish by the people of Mumbai.

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