Street Foods of Kolkata, West Bengal

Famous Foods of Kolkata
Written by Sumit Kumar

Are you a food freak? Love new tastes and want to explore the most delicious and classic food of Kolkata? Kolkata is the best place for you. The metropolitan city, Kolkata is also famous for its varied cuisines and different tastes. When it comes to Kolkata, there is no city that can compete with its delicious, adorable and mouth watering taste. Ranging from the various snacks, foods to the desserts and sweet dishes that will never fail to impress any tongue and rejuvenate the minds of food freaks. In fact, a real food freak would straight away pack their bags to the Kolkata trip for the mouth watering Kolkata’s food specialty.

What lies in the great specialty of Kolkata?




Everyone must have tasted the famous sweet dish rasgullas but the Ro-shogollas (pronounced in Kolkata accent) of the Kolkata are famous for the delicious taste and welcoming aroma. The mouth watering looks cannot stop the sweet lovers from trying.



Sondesh is another Kolkatan famous dish which is garnished with pistas, almonds and other dry fruits. The dish is prepared from milk, paneer (a product of milk) and sugar. Whats good in this dish is that, it starts melting in the mouth the moment it comes you bite. When added with flavors like chocolate, strawberry, vanilla or blackberry, the dish tastes like heaven.


chana chur

Everyone is fond of namkeens or spicy snacks. Chanachur is like one of these spicy snacks. Whosoever tasted Chanachur review that no one could stop eating once started munching up.



Everyone must have heard of golgappa’s. Most of us are fond of these golgappa’s filled with different tastes like spicy, sour, sweet, sweet and sour, etc. Phuchka is one of this kind but varies 1000 times better in taste. The offerings are served filled with mashed potatoes with the blend mixture of spices and tamarind pulp water, also called ‘tetul jol. The phuchkas are among the famous street foods that with attract your mind with feeling to try one more which never ends.



Kolkata is also a famous place for varieties of rolls like kathi rolls, egg rolls, mutton rolls, chicken rolls, egg-chicken mutton rolls, paneer roll, vegetarian roll and many more in queue. The story of rolls start from the streets and has made a special place in each and every famous restaurant.



Ghuni is a nutritious food item made from matar dal. The dish is made and served with chilli and salad crushed toppings. There are certain streets where you can get the chance to try the best Ghuni. Being a nutritious food item it also works as an appetizer.


kachori in kolkata

Kachori is the famous breakfast for the morning hours in Kolkata. The kachori is served with chola dal. Kachori is the best option for taste and hunger that is very cheaper and ends up with satisfaction.

Mughlai Paratha


These are kind of stuffed chapattis filled with both potatoes and vegetable. It’s the shortest food item that can be served to skip a heavy course of dinner in a cheaper budget.

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