Best Places for Street Foods in Delhi

Street Foods in Delhi
Written by Sumit Kumar
Are you crazy about taste and cuisines? Do different foods and smell of food waters you mouth? If so happens then you are really a food freak. Talking about Delhi, the heart of India is also called a street food hub. The roads of Delhi are full of street foods with the enchanting taste and tempting smell that will surely melt your tongue. The roads and streets will surely inspire you to open up your hearts and eat till end of your ability and even explore more and more. The old city has an intimate relationship with food.

natraj dahi bhalla

Natraj Dahi Bhalla: The dahi bhalla’s and the aloo tikki by Inder Mohan located (Natraj) near the Bhai Das Chowk at the turning to Chandni Chock metro station are the famous strert foods that really worth eating if you in Delhi. The Bhallas will surely fill your stomach but not your heart.

parathe wali gali

Paranthe Wali Gali: As the name describes, paranthe wali gali is very famous for paranthas located in the Chandni Chowk Lane which attracts the locals as well as the tourists for its delicious paranthas or India Break. The place is itself a big hub of varieties of foods which perfectly matches with your pocket and stomach as well.

jalebi wala in delhi

Jalebi Wala: “Dilli aaye aur jalebi na khayi”. Jalebi is also one of the best delicious street sweet in Delhi. The best jalebis in Delhi are served in the Dariba Chock, Chandni Chock Jalebi Wala. The delicious sweet dish welcomes the people right from the morning till the evening. The taste gets more tempting and enchanting when served with Dahi. One of the best part is the Dariba corner makes use of pure relishing Desi ghee and has all pure guaranteed contents which allows him to welcome repeated customers most of the time.

chacha di hatti delhi

Chacha Di Hatti, Kamla Nagar: Chacha di hatti is one of the oldest spot located near the north campus of Delhi University. The shop is very famous for mouth watering chole bhature’s served woth spiced chole and special pickled salad which makes your heart full of joy and rejoice. You can rejuvenate yourself with the best chole bhature in Delhi during the afternoon hours and fill up your heart and stomach in a very cheap budget.

lala babu chaat bhandar

Lala Babu Chaat Bhandar: Lala ji chaat bhandar is the perfect place located in the lanes of Chandni Chock, opposite to McDonals for chaat and bobi muttar samosas. One may try and will never complaint for the awesome food in a good budget.

jugal kishor ramji lal

Jugal Kishore Ramji Lal: Located near the Chandni chock, Jugal Kishore Ramji lal is one of the famous and best place for fruit chaat. One must try the aloo kuliyas made from boiled potatoes with lime juice and chutney and comes under the best fast food.

roshan ki kulfi

Roshan Ki Kulfi: Roshan Ji ki kulfi located in Karol Bahg, Delhi is olso very famous for its special kulfi and kulfi faluda. Your lunch is really incomplete without the sweet, alluring and mouth watering roshan ki kulfi which bangs the mind of every customer in terms of taste satisfaction.

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