Best Places for Solo Travel in India

best places for solo travel in india
Written by Sumit Kumar
Are you passionate and love enjoying and travelling? If yes, which one will you prefer- a solo travel or travel with friends and families? There are many best Places for Solo Travel in India if you want to travel alone and experience the beautifully amazing world alone.

Solo Travel provides you enjoy alone and helps in filling confidence in you. It will boost you and make you more enthusiastic. Everyone should do this once in his or her life. It has gained much popularity now a days in the travel community. It gives you strength to fight with your fear, make you independent and fills confidence to do any thing in life without any bodies help. You get opportunity to discover new world own self and make friends and interact with different peoples. It becomes a very adventurous trip. Thus traveller, pack your travel bag and climb those serene mountains or stroll by silent beaches, all by yourself. One more important point of this travel is you get a sense of independence and freedom. You can do what you want and as you want, by getting out of your comfort zone and discovering world.

Here are some places you must explore if you have been bit by the little bug called wanderlust!

Konark Sun Temple


It is one of the beautiful place situated in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. It is also known as Black pagoda and is a temple made from times. It has been named sun temple because the sun rays passes such that it can be looked from every angle easily. This temple contains horses and 24 wheels carved. One of the best architectural temple of Odisha. You can reach there by aeroplane or bus and even train. Just you need to reach Bhubaneswar airport or if by train you can reach Bhubaneswar station. People here are Oriya and follow Oriya rituals. This place is also famous for coconut and people enjoy drinking coconut water with cream. A best place to solo travel and discover beautiful temple.



This place is no less than imaginary world as it contains thick pine forest and a gushing river. You can visit this place in summer or winter and enjoy differently in different seasons accordingly. Some festivals like Tibetian New Year and Lossar Festival is celebrated in the month of February. Thus you should visit this month. Temples, hot springs, monasteries, German bakeries are exciting places of Manali to visit. You can reach by bus or train and live in any hotels or hostels of your budget. If you have decided to visit in winter, snowfall will make you feel enjoyable.



A French look highlights this beautiful sleepy little place. It is very silent and romantic place to visit and enjoy in beach. If you have a desire for real culinary experience visit this place and enjoy French foods and beer too. The Auroville temple is a place to visit here too. Through Chennai on road you can visit this place. This place also contains Aurobindo Ashram shops and you can visit this place between. October to February.



One of the beautiful a jewel in the Rajasthani crown is non other than Jaisalmer. Camels and sand dunes present are just like Egyptian place but forts are just like you are at home. Safari tours and visiting Jain temples are the actual.places to visit here. The best time to visit is October to March because temperatures drop. Stay in best hotels and feel royal and enjoy roaming beautiful places. Places are just endless but the thing you have to do is, keep courage in you and start your tour positively. Enjoy life in your own way but under terms and conditions.

Sandhan Valley


Referred to as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra, the Sandhan Valley is a trek of a lifetime for the thrill-seeker in you. It’s a combination of a valley with a canyon. Accessible from November to May, this water carved valley has Ratnagad and Ajoba mountain ranges around it. Going back to basics, it is the quintessential tent-pitching camp where food is cooked in campfires with the aroma filling the air around. The trek takes five hours to finish with activities like rappelling to really get your adrenaline pumping.

Getting There – Reaching here is half the fun with a train journey to Kasara and then a bus till the Samrad village where it’s located in the Bhandardara region. You can also fly to Mumbai and then go on with the train.

Where and How Long to Stay – Accommodation is in the tents by the campsites in the area or even in the open if you’re an experienced trekker. This is generally a two day trip.

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  • Shweta Bharti

    Most beautiful places are shared here.
    every one visit places, either with their families or friends. but if you really want to explore the places try a solo trip.
    Can add more in solo trip like bodh gaya or jaisalmer where we can learn architecture.

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